The New Learning Ecology in Teacher Education 1:1 Classrooms

Session Overview
Developed by

Hiller Spires, Karen Hollebrands, John Lee, Eric Wiebe, and Carl Young

I. Introduction to the New Learning Ecology in 1:1 settings (15 minutes)

Goal of the session: To explore the New Learning Ecology (NLE) in teacher education 1:1 environments. We will engage in collaborative inquiry, represent our findings in a creative way, and compare & contrast our process with the 4 conditions of the new learning ecology.

What is the New Learning Ecology ?

II. Collaborative Inquiry Process - 50 minutes

Collaborative Inquiry Question: What are the benefits of 1:1 computing in education, and how do they encourage a new learning ecology and thus affect teacher education?

Working in small groups, examine this question with a special emphasis on the four conditions of the New Learning Ecology. Each individual in the group should develop a response to this question. When developing your response, pay special attention to your subject area or the classes you teach. Consider the following when examining your questions.
  1. How does access to information affect teaching and learning in your area?
  2. In what ways is teaching and learning using 1:1 computing more personal, relevant or intense?
  3. How is teaching repositioned in a new learning ecology?
  4. What is the nature of learning in a new learning ecology?

In sum, craft a response that you can share with your students that rationalizes the College of Education's 1:1 computing initiative given your needs and perspectives on teacher education. Pay special attention to the conditions that support the new learning ecology. Include external resources and visual materials that might enhance your statement.

Post your response on your CED Ning blog.

III. Going Public (20 minutes)

Take some time to review other posts. Leave comments for the others given your teaching and learning experiences.

IV. Reflection - (25 minutes)

Compare and contrast what happened in your group with the 4 conditions of the New Learning Ecology. Generate ideas that need to be added to the New Learning Ecology.

IV. Where do we go from here? (10 minutes)

NLE 2.0