The inspiration for the name "wiki"
Ideas for Using Wikis

Session Overview:

In this session we will discuss the use of wikis as products for collaborative work.
This will include:
  • What is a wiki and when is it appropriate to use?
  • Examples of projects/activities
  • Wiki use: Students' perspectives
  • Exploring the Wikispaces platform

Wiki Product Examples

EMS 480: Review of web-based technology tools
The purpose of this project was for pairs of students to review technology tools that were not used in the course and to make the information available to their classmates. Our reason for including this project was to help prospective teachers become judicious users of technology. Their reviews were required to include the following information:
  • A general description of the purpose and target audience for the technology
  • identify the NC Mathematics Curriculum objectives that students would learn by using this technology
  • Discuss how the technology is aligned (or misaligned) with the NCTM content and process standards
  • Describe the technology and associated written material.
    • How well does it work?
    • Are the written materials organized and useful?
    • What are the purposes and goals or using this technology?
    • Does the technology reach this goal?
    • Is the technology relatively easy to learn how to use?
    • Does this technology enhance or extend the teaching and learning process for the intended mathematics concepts?
    • Would you recommend this technology to a school? Why or why not?

EMS 513/EMS 519: Connecting research to practice: Issues related to algebraic thinking/statistical thinkingScreen_shot_2011-05-02_at_9.32.49_PM.png
One of the major goals for this group project is to provide a collective resource for the students on the different perspectives and issues related to the teaching and learning of algebra (statistics). However, when it was assigned as a word processed paper, only the instructor had access to the ideas. Thus, the choice of the wiki format.

The assignment: Each group will read and synthesize 5 - 8 practitioner / research articles related to one of the perspectives or issues on teaching algebra (or statistics). [List was provided] Your group will construct a wiki which should include a description of the topic, a synthesis of the research literature, implications/suggestions for teachers, 4-5 sample tasks, and an annotated bibliography.

EMS 472: Teaching Topics in High School Math [Professional Semester]
One of my goals in this course was to create a collegial atmosphere. One in which they felt like professionals who shared ideas and were supportive of each other. They requested that I post things they had done to share with each other, which was very time consuming for me. That lead to this wiki...which they tell me they plan to use through their first year of teaching together.

Wikispaces tour
50 ways to use wikis for a more collaborative and interactive classroom

Play SpaceUse the space below to practice editing a wiki! Try adding text, pictures, tables, and links.

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