Those *#$%@#~ LAPTOPS! (2:00 - 3:00)

Introduction: (8 Minutes)

Classroom Management in a 1:1 classroom. What's the big deal?
People have a lot of questions and concerns about laptops int he classroom.
  1. Won't students just goof off?
  2. Students will check their e-mail instead of listening.
  3. Laptops are distracting.

These concerns are valid, but I argue they are not new, nor are they unique to laptops. Our primary concern is to help students understand what to do with laptops in the classroom, just like any other tool we might want to use.

There are two responses to laptops in the classroom, the video to the right shows the first.

Obviously this classroom management philosophy has some... difficulties? (Further info RE: Video)

To respond to laptops in the classroom a different way, we first must analyze the problem.

The Problem: (22 Minutes)

What do we do with students and laptops in the classroom?

Three parts of the problem:

1) The Students
2) The Teachers
3) The Laptops

Now that we understand a little bit more about each of these parts of the problem, lets work on a solution.

The Solution: (30 Minutes)

Putting it all together

Funny Story (If we have time)